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Tru-Line boats are committed to keeping our vessels 100% Australain made and owned. By ensuring our vessels meet the required standards in Australia for both pleasure boats and commercial boats, has allowed us to grow to a company which now not only can compete in the market with competitive prices but provide a safe and high quality vessel. All products designed and marketed by Tru-Line boats, are manufactured in Australia utilizing the latest equipment and technology to ensure vessels of the highest quality available today.

 safe high quality vessels

What makes Tru-Line boats unique?

“Our commitment to provide you with the easiest, safest, most exhilarating boats available built in Australia.”

Tru-Line Boats manufactures both pleasure boats for the serious angler or family adventurer and commercial vessels for the hardened requirements for commercial use. With floatation incorporated in the construction of our vessels we are able to provide our customers with a vessel exceeding Australian standards and providing a safe unsinkable boat. All vessels are factory rigged and fully water tested by trained personal to ensure that every system and component functions properly prior to final inspection and detailing. Completed vessels can be supplied with a custom built trailer specifically designed for the model to ensure a complete safe package.

All this backed by a 5 year structural warranty on all vessels.

5 year structural warranty on all vessels